Unpredictable & unreserved, competitive & collaborative, Tone Def is a coed a cappella group at the University of Florida. We found our niche on campus as "that unpredictable aca-family with the genre-bending covers." We are seamlessly coordinated, daringly creative, and unabashedly competitive. Our creative process is freely collaborative between members, being a completely student run and student led organization. TD's repertoire is unhesitatingly diverse and we are determined to make our mark in contemporary a cappella. We're always ready for some friendly competition between groups. As our founder, Waylon Zeng intended, Tone Def is on a mission to reDEFine music as you hear it.

Tone Def has performed in several cities along the east coast including Atlanta, GA; Durham, NC; Tampa, FL; Orlando, FL; and of course our home city, Gainesville, FL. They won first place at the University of Florida's Hispanic Heritage Month Talent Show in 2016 and compete every year in ICCA (you know, that competition in Pitch Perfect). TD has one recorded single, soon to be unveiled on iTunes. Other projects are in the works so watch out for news! Keep track of our activities on social media @TDacappella!