Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Tone Def A Cappella! Tone Def is currently auditioning for all voice parts (SATB), especially anyone who can beatbox, arrange/write music, and/or feels comfortable on a dance floor. We ask that everyone come to their audition at least 15 minutes early to fill out a simple questionnaire and to prevent lateness due to traffic, getting lost, etc. Sign up for one of the time slots below and scroll to the bottom to read about our audition process and FAQs!


AUGUST 27-29, 2018

 REITZ 2320

If these times or dates conflict with your schedule, feel free to email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Likewise, if you have any questions not answered here, feel free to email us.

Please fill out all the blanks including phone number and email (it doesn't have to be your email) and double-check that everything was entered correctly. Good luck preparing! We're so excited to meet you!

Audition Process

1. Sing Us a Song
Prepare a verse and a chorus of a song of your choosing. Avoid showtunes and Disney music. We encourage you to pick a song that shows off your range and is comfortable for you to sing in! All genres of music are welcome, but keep in mind we tend to hear a lot of choir music and would prefer pop or rnb or jazz etc.

2. Scales and Pitch Matching
We will give you a note to sing a scale on (do re mi...etc) and then play a few notes (one at a time) on the piano and ask you to sing it back to us on a given syllable. Bonus: We might ask you to sing a few arpeggios (do mi sol do sol mi do) on different starting pitches.

3. Range Test
We like to put you into a voice part ourselves and will test how high and low your voice can go. Just sing the notes we play on the piano back to us.

3. Sight-Reading Test
This test is optional! Not all of our members can sight-read, so if you can't either, it's A-OK! Don't sweat it.

4. Beat Box
If you can beat box, give us 16 bars of everything you've got. We're all ears!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There's no more spots! What should I do?
A: The audition slots are all for 10 minutes, but almost every audition is shorter than that. There's plenty of time for walk-ins, but just to make sure you get in, email us! It's and we check it constantly. We'll let you know where and when to come.

Q: Can I audition only for beatboxing? I don't really sing...
A: Yes, absolutely! We'd love to have you. Just sign up like everyone and tell us before you start your audition!

Q: Will it count against me if I try sight-reading or beatboxing?
A: Your solo accounts for like 85% of your audition. The other 15% is your ability to pitch match. Everything else is a bonus and we would never penalize anyone for trying. It's actually really impressive! We want people who are willing to take risks!

Q: What level is your sight-reading test?
A: Middle school! Seriously, it's not bad. Give it a try!

Q: Can I rap?
A: UM DUH. ABSOLUTELY! You can prepare two songs for us in this case. One to showcase your very best singing and another to showcase your rap skillz.

Q: Are you sure I can't do Disney or a showtune?
A: Yes. A (wo)man can only sit through Part of Your World or Reflection so many times before their brain melts. We'd really love for you to show us something new. Our favorite auditions are always the ones that sing either obscure artists or lesser known songs from well established singers. 

Q: There's so many songs to choose from. How do I pick one?
A: Make sure you can sing everything comfortably. An impressively high song will not be impressive if it sounds strained. We (and your vocal cords) would much more prefer something in your range with more emphasis on emotions and dynamics (soft-loudness). Also, auditions are cooler when you take a really popular song and sing it with A twist. Slow down a club anthem like Kesha's "Blow" and make it into a haunting ballad, or cover Britney's iconic "Oops, I Did It Again!" with a jazzy flair. That'll really get our attention. (Hint: Youtube covers are a suuuper great resource.) Check out our members' profiles to see what they auditioned with to generate some ideas!

Q: I'm running late! What do I do?
A: Email us! Everything's gonna be fine, so travel safely and get to us when you can.